Cloud Services

The data and device management solution for cellular IoT

A cloud platform for managing your cellular connected devices and interacting with your IoT data via the Hologram Dashboard or REST API
  • Send data anywhere

    Route your data to any service without lock-in to our platform

  • Cellular data savings

    Save data usage when every byte counts through our efficient cloud protocol

  • Simple device deployment and activation

    Activate a single or multiple devices no our network with no hassle

  • Accelerated product deployment

    Simplify your connected product deployment to the field with our Hologram Dashboard and APIs for SIM management

Device and Platform Agnostic IoT Cloud

Connect any device and route your data to anywhere on our open platform

Webhooks and Integrations

Use our library of pre-built webhooks and integrations to send data seamlessly.

Data Logging & APIs

Store and retrieve your IoT device data through our open Cloud APIs.

Secure Tunneling

Tunnel into your devices remotely over cellular through our SpaceBridge clients.

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Device Management Dashboard

Manage data plans and billing with the click of a button, safely deploy and manage firmware across your devices, and integrate your product with other web services.

  • Device and SIM management

    Activate and manage your connected product deployments

  • Billing and accounts

    Activate and manage your connected product deployments

  • Usage reporting and alerts

    View account billing for your organization and your customers


    Perform any feature on our Dashboard through our open API

Part of our end-to-end IoT toolkit

The Dash is a turnkey hardware solution for unlocking the capabilities of our Hologram cellular IoT platform.

Cloud services

The tools you need to manage your device's data and lifecycle

IoT SIM Card

Our global cellular network accessible through our Hologram IoT SIM card

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Hologram Dash

A pre-certified cellular connectivity board for rapid hardware development

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