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Is That Mold on Your Cheese, or the Future of Renewable Energy?

/ Written By Tricia Booker

The best Steven Spielberg movie you’ve never heard of might be Innerspace, a goofball science fiction flick released in 1987. It’s about a swashbuckling military pilot named Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid) who volunteers to become miniaturized for the sake of science. The plan is for him to become so tiny he can be injected into… Continue Reading

How to Save Sheep with Cellular IoT

/ Written By Derrick Wolbert

Making Agtech Accessible Many IoT developers have strengths in hardware, networking, or software.  What we believe makes IoT applications especially difficult to bring to market is the cross-functional team effort required.  Building expertise in all three aspects of technology isn’t an easy task for any company, let alone a developer starting with their first prototype.… Continue Reading

Counting Sheep (and Protecting Them from the Mob)

/ Written By Tricia Booker

The South African town of Heidelberg sits anchored by the Duiwenhoks River and in the shadow of the Langeberg mountains, which look famously purple at sunset.  It has historically been a farming community, but modernity has morphed it into an artist retreat –  a slow, quiet anecdote to busy nearby Johannesburg, but with  espresso.  … Continue Reading

The Doctor is In… Your Computer

/ Written By Tricia Booker

Paramedics in Florida become accustomed to dealing with the senior population. Older people get sick more often. They fall. And sometimes, to be honest, they’re lonely and just need to talk to someone. But on this particular call, Captain Bob Snell could tell the woman in front of him was in trouble. She had severe… Continue Reading

What Does an IoT Deployment Look Like with eSIM?

/ Written By Ryan Lee

The hardware eSIM, along with eUICC software, is changing the way organizations approach device deployments. Rather than a removable component, the eSIM is embedded in the device and the eUICC allows network operators to send SIM profiles over the air (OTA)—without needing physical access to the device. Manufacturers and IoT providers are making a lot… Continue Reading

What’s the 3G Sunset and How Will It Affect Existing IoT Deployments?

/ Written By Maiky Iberkleid

What is the 3G Sunset? As cellular networks prepare to roll out 5G, they are continuing to shut down older systems. Many providers have already retired 2G, and 3G networks are next on the list. The 3G sunset will allow network operators to create space in the radio spectrum for newer, faster technology. Coming on… Continue Reading

Where Do Internet of Things Security Vulnerabilities Really Come From?

/ Written By Pat Wilbur

IoT security issues get a lot of attention these days. From firmware vulnerabilities to open backdoors, security can be tenuous in the “wild west” atmosphere of the IoT. Thousands of new devices are coming on the market; but, so far, there are no official standards or oversights to assure security best practices. Why is Securing… Continue Reading